Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf developed one side of her brain at Exeter and the other side at RISD, and has been integrating both sides—and connecting the many dots around art and smart design—ever since.

Alex’s first foray into designing for children was inspired by her time working with graphic design legend Milton Glaser, setting typeface in the pre-digital era. This led to a series of children’s books and animations, called the story of x, that played with typeface to create playful, inventive stories. She was also greatly influenced by her work with couture florist Kurt Rausch, where she gained a deep understanding of how nature’s patterns and structures inform the way we think, the way we see and the way we learn.

As a new mother, Alex was dismayed by the selection of nature and biology games on the market. Galvanized by her previous work drawing and designing for young minds, she decided to fill the void herself. What followed was years of research on biology, cognition and education, in which Alex sought the input of professors at top universities and joined forces with neuroscientist Dr. Vijal Parikh, to design a new line of games that would be elegant, simple, intuitive, and fun.

Since launching na2ure in mid-2014, Alex has been heralded by the toy industry, science education field and business community as a thought leader forging a whole new category in education and play. In Summer 2014, na2ure brought home a NYC Design Award for Best Small Studio, and was featured in media outlets including Forbes, Modern Luxury’s Beach Magazine and A Green Beauty. In September 2014, na2ure was selected to be featured in an upcoming documentary on women in business, produced by Take Part Media and the Eileen Fisher Foundation, and was selected to attend a White House Briefing on Women Business Leaders.

Alex makes it a priority to develop na2ure’s games with an eye on cutting edge developments in science and education. She is actively involved in RISD’s STEM to STEAM office (which seeks to integrate art into the sciences).

Alex is motivated every day by something her father told her when she was young: true success is found in producing original thoughts that changes your field. With the birth of her daughter, Alex realized that her contribution was to make science accessible to children of all ages, through a visual system of nature’s own ABC’s and vocabulary, and she hasn’t looked back.


Vijal Parikh

Vijal Parikh works in the sciences and arts with a strong tech background. He got his start attending magnet programs in New York City Public Schools, winning science competitions such as the Intel Science Talent Search, conducting research projects as a mechanical and chemical engineering intern at Cooper Union, and acting as a researcher at Arecibo Space Telescope (funded by the National Science Foundation). As a Neurobiology and Behavior Major at Cornell, Parikh graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors in research. Parikh graduated NYCOM as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), and will specialize in Psychiatry.  He is in residency in the NYC area. Parikh is an avid coder as well as a musician who plays several instruments and is passionate about the arts in all forms. He hopes to find the intersection of where science, medicine, technology, and design meet.