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Ani-Gram-it Board Game

The Ani-gram-it Board Game is sturdy, tactically pleasing and absolutely gorgeous. With a reversible board, 4 wooden tile benches and 100 colorful chit board tiles, the game mimics and celebrates the great beauty of the natural world, as much an objet d'art as a revolutionary educational tool. Can be played with children as young as 5, perfect for 7-14, and engaging for adults young and old.

Ani-gram-it To Go

Perfect for travel and impromptu sessions of biology, Ani-Gram-It comes complete with 100 laminated, color-coded cards and can be played on a table, the floor, the grass, a picnic blanket, or any other number of spaces! It’s a great fit for the whole family, with little ones learning to name body parts and recognize different animals before they can even play. Recommened 4+

bark...up the right tree

A memory matching game of bark patterns

Includes: box with ribbon pull drawer, 50 playing cards, 1 instruction card, silver foil edging


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