The Pattern ABC

sheet with icons pattern ABC.png

The Pattern Alphabet is a finite set of patterns that nature uses to build in 2D and 3D, from micro to macro scales. Animal’s pattern recognition evolved as a survival skill and are automatic, so these patterns are understandable to children before they can even speak.

It’s irresistible magic is it’s simplicity, elegance, power, and universality.

The Pattern ABC (beta) launched jointly at RISD’s Design Science Symposium on April 17 and Sandbox Summit at MIT Media Lab on April 18 to great interest from thinkers and creators, educators and parents. The journey begins with two simultaneous tracks - testing with children, teachers and parents, and discussing the patterns with mathematicians, scientists, engineers, designers and artists.

At na2ure we design for equal footing of preschoolers, PhD’s and parent/teachers. Successfully tested down to 4 years old so far, the Pattern ABC will be testing preschool and pre-preschool kids, and even animals. If you are a school and would like to pilot the Pattern ABC at your school please contact us.

The Pattern ABC is an open-ended and play-based platform, from which we are building games, content modules, and activities. Once we finish testing, and refining the icons, we’ll release the cards for purchase in 2016.

We still have a few questions of our own, and invite your questions and feedback. One such question is the inclusion of chirality, left and right symmetry, which is different than mirror symmetry even though it’s paired, and more a form of asymmetry.

Happy Earth Day

We hope you will join us on this biophilic adventure into how nature builds.

Nurture your nature with play everyday.