Best in Show! Toys, Games, and Apps for Holiday 2014

Isla opening a favorite book                                                                                                                                     ©Alex Wolf

Isla opening a favorite book                                                                                                                                     ©Alex Wolf

To all of you with kids (young and older...) in your lives, the holidays is the crescendo of gift giving. A full 70% of the industry sales are for holiday, a number which still amazes me. Much of kid holiday gifts encompass toys, games and apps, something which we look at a lot at na2ure, and I have much experience in this: as a child way back when and now a parent as a player, and recently as a new inventor (yes, that's what the toy industry calls us, and I love how Wile E. Coyote it sounds).

We were going to write a few blog posts on games we saw at the summer gift fair in NYC, NY NOW, as shout-outs to those makers we thought were getting it right and creating new play modalities. But the idea expanded before we knew it. While at the World Congress of Play in September I saw even more cool stuff.

When I returned to NYC and went to an art opening, I was introduced to Erika Christensen, a painter and mom of three. As we discussed some of the awesomeness I was seeing, she requested holiday suggestions to help her and her friends/family out in making fun choices.

So we will feature a single game, a group of related games or toys, and/or cool shops (bricks and clicks) to find that little something to put a smile on that cherished face you love dearly. We might add comments to year end and holiday Top 10 Gift Guides which come out too.

We’re going to post on Fridays to start and see how far we get down our list. If we need to add another weekly post then we will try to keep posts brief and useful.

In short, my thesis will center on what I wish I had had when I was a kid, what I wish my kid had had and was not yet invented, and what I can now still give my kid who’s 13.

We hope you enjoy this series. Tune in tomorrow for Chapter One. And feel free to ping us at info@na2ure with questions. We're here to make play more fun for you and your kids.