Getting the Word Out and Sharing the Fun!

As a new brand and new game category, getting the word out and meeting people is key.

na2ure had a great week which began as I hopped on a plane to the World Congress of Play in San Francisco. While I was waiting to hang our booth signage, I was forwarded two reviews which just went live. The first review comes from Savvy Source for Parenting, a treasure trove of useful information for parents of preschoolers. Savvy Source offers guidance on many things, from schools to trips to activities, so we were honored to be highlighted as a science resource for little ones. I very much appreciated their note that science is one the most appealing subjects for young children, who are “fascinated by the natural world around them,” and that this thirst for knowledge must be met with smart tools.

The next review came from the mother of a young family who blogs over at Munchkin and Bean, who actually selected us as her first ever “Game of the Month”! This was a terrifically thoughtful review, and it was extremely gratifying to hear about how the game has sparked an interest in biology in her children:

My daughter has been obsessed with "the biology of animals" ever since we began playing this game! My son is learning so much too, and now he will point out specific features of animals we see in nature, in pictures, and on tv.”

Over the next days at WCOP, I met more people who wanted to review our games and we were urged to apply for Dr. Toy (which we did).

The week closed with another two fantastic reviews, the first from Life of a Southern Mom, who also included us in her Holiday Gift Guide 2014. And the latest came from Sparkles and Spit Up, who remarked that the “potential here is vast.” It was also interesting to hear her say that “even I am remembering information I’d long forgotten” - proof that the game really is for ages 4-100!

It’s all about more people finding us and playing our game. If you have a favorite blog, or even a favorite store you see our game in, please let us know! Sharing play is the best way to share fun.