Are ferrets trending? You bet!

black-footed ferret   (Mustela nigripes) Image from US Wildlife & Fisheries (

black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) Image from US Wildlife & Fisheries (

Ferrets, those cat-like animals with a reputation for finding things, are trending up. Sadly, some species like the black footed ferret above have been endangered for decades.

We shared our love of these creatures by naming our iPad app ferret, and making her face from the R's in her name.

We launched ferret, an animal education game for young and old, on May 12 and May 20 we won the Best Digital Experience - Mobile award for her at the 2014 NY Design Awards. Not bad for a young lassie!

In today’s news, NYC Mayor DiBlasio is looking to raise the city’s ban on ferrets as pets. na2ure shares something else in common with DiBlasio - a commitment to Universal Pre-K, which I blogged about here.

So to kill two birds with one stone, (non Angry Birds style!) and join the growing NYC ferret movement, download ferret for iPad and share it with a 4 year old.

I recently made several animals with different 4 year olds, at the Explorer’s Party to benefit the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Central Park Zoo, and at a Book Culture event last weekend (which I will blog about tomorrow).

Ferret is two way finding - giving visual learning tools to young kids means they can learn and make connections about information faster, and as kids learn they unlock a key to their own intelligence. It's fantastic to watch.

You can download our free ferret app on iTunes, and in June we release more animals. When our company grows bigger we hope to fund animal missions through a portion of sales of our apps and games. Until then, we'd like our ferret to feel at home in the Big Apple as our Mayor welcomes her back.