NYC Design Awards 2014


Vijal and I had a great evening last night at the 2014 NYC Design Awards seeing great designers and their projects. We happily brought home some swag too.

Our iPad app ferret, and our board game Ani-gram-it, were both shortlisted and both finalists. ferret won for Digital Experience - Mobile. Ani-gram-it did not win for Graphic Design - 3D, which was a little disappointing. Being up against a project commissioned by, his collaborator buddy from Intel, and a fair-sized design studio - produced on what we infer was a healthy budget - was intimidating.

That said, having two projects in the finals meant na2ure got a wonderful surprise in the “Best of” category for Small Design Studio. Mark Bergin, Creative Director of the New York Design Awards, drew attention to the quality of design in both our digital and physical products. He also mentioned that both products are just hitting the market now, and the fact that they were nominated in pre-release made us their clear favorite. So, we are happy: as underdog, we have the recognition for not just the product, but the design studio that na2ure is emerging as.







Mark also declared me the winner for best hair at the event and I laughed through a round of applause--this green hair seems to be gaining fans, especially with the green flowers I make to wear (from a little side venture called beauxair).

I’m happy to report education, especially science and STEAM (STEM + Art) was well rewarded, and the Harlem Biospace won an award--as did the XO Laptop from One Laptop Per Child (OLPC).

Please help us celebrate and share this great news with the design, science, nature, and STEAM edtech lovers in your lives.