Better living by design

When I look around at all the objects I use on a daily basis, I now wonder just how much time and effort it took to design them. I wonder how many people were in the design team and how many iterations it took to get to the final concept. I have only taken one middle school course in art, however, I now work for a design company.

I went into medical school because I was deeply interested in how the greatest designer, mother nature, made us. I ended up co-founding na2ure to expand on the elegant design of mother nature and teach it to generations to come. Our first two products, which were just released last week, were shortlisted for two design100 awards. Our goal is uncluttering the awkward - making the cumbersome field of science education more elegant, light and clear.

When I look at some of the other shortlisted companies for design100, I am at awe at how far design has come in making elegant solutions to complicated problems. Some of the standouts include FlyKly Smart Wheel (a pedal assist that can be used with just about any bicycle), glow deck (a wireless charger + bluetooth speaker + LED light system + WiFi notification platform in a  wooden box), +POOL (an innovate architectural concept to build the a water-filering, floating pool in New York, and Moto Maker ( a website designed to build your own custom moto X phone and have it rendered in real time 3D -  I got mine with a bamboo back).


We need more designers and creators to keep up with , or stay ahead of, the solutions we need. I am honored that as such a small startup, we were nominated to enter into design100 for two categories. While we would be thrilled to win, the list of products and companies on the shortlist highlights that design is accelerating at a pace that I had only hoped we would have had just 10 years ago. In fact, I almost went in to design, but even though I ended up in medicine for my "day job", I'm finding I have started to live design thinking. So not only am I working on more design with na2ure, I'm also bringing a new set of eyes to my patients and creatively solving their challenges.

Congrats to all the shortlisters at NYC Design Awards. I've listed a few of my favorite designs here. Which ones did you like and why?