Celebrating Earth Month at the NYC Green Festival

To celebrate Earth Day, I asked our Press, Sales, and Community Outreach Manager Rosina Pohlmann to share her thoughts about stewardship, biodiversity -- and our very first trade show appearance at the NYC Green Festival. Take it, Rosina!

Happy Earth Day, all! It’s lovely and warm here in NYC, and certain breezes are perfumed with the scent of the many flowering trees: the perfect setting to reflect on nature, and the ways in which I connect to it.

So how do I connect to nature, living in an environment composed mostly of cement, granite, steel and glass? Well, I’ve been planting--for the first time ever!--on my roof and in a church courtyard, which has proven to be a wonderful way to experience first-hand the grace and beauty of nature. However, I still find myself asking: how do I answer the call from a planet in distress when the way I live is so divorced from its ecological structure? Unfortunately, this not a question just for me or for city-dwellers, but applies to a growing number of people in all environments.

It is the challenge of answering this question that drew me to work with na2ure nearly two months ago. Here is an easy way for people, especially children, to begin to understand how nature fits together, and to appreciate the awe-inspiring intelligence of its design. Hearteningly, I am seeing signs that many people are eager to live in a greener way. There is a growing movement of consumers seeking products that sustain rather than harm the earth, and, perhaps even more significantly, seeking to reconnect with the earth’s ecological brilliance in meaningful ways.

The 13th Annual New York City Green Festival, April 26-27 at Pier 94, is a great opportunity to observe the green movement in action. Green Festivals is a multi-city marketplace that connects those interested in living healthier, more sustainable lives with products and services to support that aim. Purveyors run the gamut from food to fashion to energy and design.

na2ure will be in booth 635, nestled between two beautiful eco clothing lines: Glenkora Comte and Cherry Pat Hats. We are also looking forward to checking out some organizations that are doing excellent work, from The Bronx River Alliance working to restore the Bronx River corridor for the benefit of the community, to CELF, which is integrating sustainability into kids’ education, to The Holistic Moms Network, which connects parents who are passionate about green living.

While I will sadly be away the weekend of the festival, I know the rest of the team is excited to meet visitors, exhibitors and others who share the desire for a future in which humans enjoy an intimate knowledge of the natural world, and use it for the mutual benefit of all living things.

How are you celebrating Earth Day 2014, and making it a place where people, animals and plants can all thrive?