Best in Show: UNCLE GOOSE - The Best Blocks Around!

One of the first gifts that children get are blocks.  Alphabet blocks are a great way to introduce children to letter forms, but mostly I find the type to be quite ugly. In the design conscious world we live in today, type and fonts are more sophisticated. This is where Uncle Goose has solved a major problem.

Uncle Goose's blocks are nothing short of gorgeous, well-designed and sophisticated fun. In addition, they make alphabets in many languages, which is vital for multi-lingual kids. Their newest addition - Hindi (!) - is excellent. Check out their website to drool some more in different tongues. 

Hat tip to co-founder Vijal who should have had both the Hindi (well Gujarati) set and the Periodic Blocks growing up. 

In addition, their design blocks are a wonderful parallel of graphic elements that can be used with the letter blocks. It's not often that I'm so impressed by an entire brand, especially a brand tackling one vertical, such as the block, but Uncle Goose has a line that I deeply, truly love. It's a fantastic addition to any nursery, and can happily stay and grow with the child for many years.

If you have a young child of your own, or among your family and friends, I highly recommend getting these blocks. If you already have regular set of ho-hum blocks that don't excite you (I mean your kid...) quite as much as these, I would give your old blocks away and get some Uncle Goose. You may find yourself on the floor fighting with your child over the ones you like best. After all, the best toys appeal to all ages.

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