Best in Show: Makies

For all the parents worried about having dolls which are either generic or not mirroring their child's own look, Makies is a great solution.

There's a fantastic custom design feature where you can customize your own doll and this kind of bespoke design for children is a wonderful thing in the doll space - it really allows girls to create a girl to play with that she identifies with. It's a great tie in to the Maker Movement and 3D printing for girls, which converges with the imaging around girls' dolls - a topic near to my heart. Yes, you can make boy dolls too. I love how science/maker/geekchic the line is!

We met the founder Alice Taylor at the Chicago Toy & Game Inventor Conference which happens before the Chicago Toy & Game Fair open to the public over the weekend. Alice is a sparkling spunky Brit who has such a sense of fun, and who was honored by the TAGIE's award.

Na2ure recommends Makies to the parents of girls who would like their girl to have a chance to create imagery for girls and women that's fits their imagination. And we celebrate Alice Taylor as a female founder and female inventor.