Want to win a FREE Game? Shop local - and Tweet us why!

Is this your holiday shopping experience?

With the holiday buying season fast upon us, we ask you to pause from your usual Black Friday plans and consider a better alternative: Small Business Saturday.


This could be you - if you shop local.

In a season where holiday shopping is more like an endurance sport -- uber competitive, people scrambling over each other, doing anything to “win” by scoring the biggest deal -- it’s easy to get worn out by the experience instead of embracing the joy and spirit of the holidays. Rather than support that kind of frenzy, we want to show some love to the local business who practice a more mindful shopping experience.  Smaller, local businesses have more direct connection with their communities, and are better equipped to offer more hands-on, thoughtful, and peaceful shopping experience. They’re also not wasting precious natural resources for the sake of pumping out cheap goods for bottom dollar. We believe in that kind of experience. That's why we participated in Neighborhood Toy Store Day.

And that's also why... WE’RE HAVING A CONTEST!

Tweet your favorite local store and why you love them @na2ure, making sure to include the hashtag #na2urelocal.

Our top 5 favorite tweets will receive the Ani-gram-it To Go card game, made by local NY manufacturers and sold at wonderful local retailers around the country. Play it yourself or light up a kid's holiday with a game that looks beautiful, encourages players to learn about animals, and is perfect for all the traveling you’ll be doing this holiday season .

You’ve got until 11:59 pm EST Saturday, November 29 to enter. Winners will be announced at 12 pm EST Tuesday, December 2, and we’ll ship the games the next day.

What are you waiting for?! Check our own favorite environmentally-friendly stores, or use one of these green search engines to find one near you. Either way, get out there and shop local!