A new year, a new product, a new blog

Welcome to my blog! I will share thoughts on why we play, why that matters, and with whom, when, and where that play happens. I deeply believe play is the "answer" to many of our "problems". Join this discussion -  as a parent, a player, a teacher, a thinker, a maker, or believer. 

I'm not the first to promote play, and won't be the last. I intend to connect many dots along the way about how we can play our way into having more fun, and how that translates into better educated and more creative thinkers (and hence more interesting people to lead the future).

My ideal design target age is preschool. School age kids to parents and grandparents are in my sweet spot too, because ideally, play gathers all ages, just like great children's books do. I have a weakness for the brashness of 4 year olds (the teenagers of preschool) because they can talk and haven't been wrecked yet. (I love kids when they are preverbal too, but designing for them will come later). I'm here to support kids not getting overwhelmed by the many sad conventions which have persistently failed us and need a big heave-ho. 

My mission is to give kids tools for reasoning which work and are fun, to organize their minds cleanly so they can get on with the joy of having creative thoughts which connect dots and lead to 'aha's'. Empowering minds to solve many types of puzzles creatively. A kind of structured anarchy which will resolve order from chaos. "Why?" and "why not?" are two important sides of the coin you flip when you are curious, the signature of intelligence we share with many animals.

I love my job, I believe in my work passionately, and I take the job of inventing games and toys, living creatively, and throwing out the rulebooks and tipping apple-carts seriously. Along the way I'll tip my hat to others who have inspired me by their work and their boldness.

The playful attitude and spirit of fun is why I'm here. Because, if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right.