Pattern ABC- BETA

Defined by the laws of space and physics, these patterns a set of nature's most basic building elements. These are her building blocks for 2 and 3 dimensional patterns on micro and macro scales.

na2ure’s Pattern Alphabet is a radical new way to make these fundamental formulas into a vocabulary and serve as an introduction to patterns and structures built not only on earth, but in our universe.

Comming to schools and institutions soon! - Contact Us for a Sample Deck

Ani-gram-it Board

Imagine a game that can teach kids all about the animal kingdomincluding classification, anatomy, diversity and functionall through play. Traditionally board games are for fun and school is for science education. Ani-gram-it is both. How?  Ani-gram-it is the joint invention of a designer and a neuroscientist, making it an ingenious blend of art and science that will not only get kids excited about science, but will equip them will a significant understanding of the natural world. 

Wondering how to play? Our friend Erica explains it well here. You can also check out our FAQ, or let a few awesome kids show you!


Ani-gram-it Card

Ani-gram-it comes in two formats: board and card. Our board game is produced locally in Long Island City, New York and made to last: it's so sturdy, you can stand on it. The card game is simply a portable version of the board game, with 100 vivid cards that can be played on any surface. With the purchase of any game, card OR board, a tree is planted through Trees For the Future.

Ani-gram-it is the proud winner of the Dr. Toy 10 Best Games Award. It has been featured on NPR, TakePart Media and Forbes. It is sold in some of the finest design stores in the country including The Brooklyn Museum, Mass MoCA and RISD Works.

Bark Memory Game

Like every game in our line, Bark is designed to teach players passively through play. It is an exceptionally gorgeous concentration (memory) game that will turn players into tree identification exports in no time! each pair of beautiful, hand-drawn cards accurately depicts a different type of tree bark, such as Oak, Maple, Olive and Birch. Get lost in the patterns, train your eye. Contains 25 pairs of silver-edged cards. Very high quality card stock.