STEM to STEAM: Science Games That Really Teach

STEM to STEAM, the movement that incorporates art into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, has been sweeping schools across the country and gaining attention in the media.  STEAM makes the sciences equally interesting and accessible to boys and girls, and educators are taking note.

But where are the STEAM games? Children don't just learn in the classroom. In fact, one of the greatest factors in child cognitive development is play. The na2ure line fills that need: we make games that teach science passively through play, using art and design. 

Got a kid who loves animals? Check out Ani-gram-ita gorgeous board and card game that effortlessly teaches animal classification and the Tree of Life. Fan of the outdoors? Take a look at Bark, a beautiful memory game will train young naturalists to ID trees. And there's more to come! Come take a tour of our award-winning line. You won't be disappointed!