for educators

  • Classification of living things
  • Animal structure and function
  • Physical characteristics such as anatomy and means of locomotion
  • Diversity and function of various animal features

Both ferret, our animal classification app and Ani-gram-it, our animal classification game, are excellent and easy tools for educators.

The fact that children learn best through play is all-too-often left out of STEM education. As children interact with Ani-gram-it cards and ferret icons, they easily and naturally assimilate biological and anatomical information into their developing neural networks. Ani-gram-it and ferret make a game out of animal classification, and have the potential to accelerate and support biology curriculums across the country. 

All play is open-ended, so children can begin at any knowledge level, starting with very simple and familiar animals, and eventually expanding into more complex ones. The games’ simplicity and flexibility make them tools that can be used in the classroom or during free play, and which will support any science curriculum with minimal extra effort on the part of the teacher.

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“The relationship between learning and play cannot be underestimated. For years, child development researchers have pointed out the value in “play” as a true learning tool. Educators know that learning happens through play and is an exceptional way to balance out direct instruction (Hirsch-Paseck).Through play children share what they learn, explore new ideas, and find a safe space to ask questions. By using the Ani-gram-it board game or cards, children are invited into a creative mode of thought that capitalizes on prior knowledge while also unlocking new connections. Playing Ani-gram-it also supports the important peer-to-peer learning Vygotsky advocated for.”


- Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone, M. Ed and Ed.D and Founder of Storefront Science                


“I am big on part-whole relationships...I worry because without this skill, I think students will struggle in a variety of subjects including geometry, science, social studies and even writing. Luckily there are some great games such as Ani-gram-it that make part-whole relationships very fun.”

- Jenn Choi, Forbes & Toys Are Tools

“I can see this as a great tool for teachers in the classroom to get kids engaged in science in a fun way that they can use year after year; something that boys and girls can play together to learn about science. ”

- Michelle Esswein, CEO of Winning Women

“I would definitely recommend this game. Children who love science (or animals in general), interesting puzzles, or parents who want to include more STEM activities at home, will all really love this game. This is one of those unique games that you will be so happy to own and you'll be pleased by how naturally your children learn from playing it. Homeschoolers can easily add this game as a hands-on science lesson that is fun to play.”

- Kristan Price, Munchkin and Bean