Imagine that a child could learn the entire Encyclopedia of Life--including how nature designs and solves problems around structure, pattern and color--without it ever feeling like school.

ferret is an iPad app that teaches kids all about animals, from anatomy to habitat and behavior. Game play challenges kids to describe animals’ anatomy from the inside out, using intuitive building blocks. Each tap and swipe leads to new discoveriesand reinforces how they are classified in the natural world.

Animals—including humans and especially kids!learn by seeing. We’ve gone all out to make ferret the most visually stunning science app on the market. ferret features elegant design, vivid color coding, hi-resolution photography, and both video and icons that explain scientific classification in descriptive, plain English. ferret is based on a new “periodic” style table for biology icons, created by our founder Alex Wolf. The icons fit together like a puzzle, which players unlock with the right answers. Some pieces of the puzzle are easier to unlock than others, and while getting them right is fun, learning new stuff is equally exciting!


activating children's inherent intelligence

The object of ferret is to “build” animals using a periodic table-like classification system. To start, players choose an animal they’d like to build. From there, the app lists eight categories of animal features: inside, outside, limbs, movement, breathing, eating, heating and birth.

For each category, a column unfolds that lists possible anatomical features for the category (i.e., inside will list “vertebrate” and “invertebrate”). Children swipe to unveil photos and videos that visually demonstrate each feature and choose the option that they think best. Once children have chosen the correct feature for each category, they win! Through this exercise children build a comprehensive knowledge of how biology evolves and differentiates across the animal kingdom.

ferret is not only an opportunity for children to learn through clear, structured thinking, but to develop a deep and dynamic appreciation for the beauty and creativity inherent in the natural world.