learning through play

Children are hardwired to learn about the natural world through play. However, once formal science schooling starts around age seven or eight, content becomes about fact delivery and starts to look more like work. Ani-gram-it and ferret are the only children’s games offering a comprehensive foundation in biology that is learned passively through play.

na2ure makes games that work with children’s natural intelligence to build an intuitive network of knowledge. Not only do children have fun as they learn, but their engagement with the material creates and reinforces neural pathways that will become the basis for further knowledge.

All of na2ure’s games represent information through the use of graphics and color-coding so that children learn visually. This puts Ani-gram-it and ferret at the forefront of the STEM to STEAM movement, which seeks to integrate art in STEM and which is gaining momentum worldwide.

Because Ani-gram-it and ferret break down animal anatomy into digestible chunks, players can start as young as four. This makes Ani-gram-it and ferret rare cumulative games that serve children of all ages, and which are an easy way to foster science success in or out of the classroom.